Bernie M. Glintz, LCSW

Bernie Glintz, LCSW, BCD, FAPA

Bernie M. Glintz, LCSW has had a multi-faceted career as a psychodynamically-trained clinical practitioner, consultant, teacher, and lecturer for over four decades. In addition to his work in the fields of adoption, substance abuse, and various other areas of mental health, he has extensive experience consulting and speaking within management/EAP/corporate workplace settings, and he has also maintained a forensic practice providing required psychological assessments. Mr. Glintz has worked extensively with all members of the adoption triad as a psychotherapist, consultant, and colleague. His encounters with adopted adults who described their experiences with psychotherapists have left him concerned, he says, that even if they felt listened to, they did not feel understood. His perspective as an adopted person himself compels his long interest in learning more, and teaching, about the inner psychological world of the adopted patient. He wishes to assist mental health practitioners develop greater empathic capacities that are so essential for any treatment of an adopted client to succeed.

Forest Hills, Queens & East Meadow, LI, NY