Jennie J. Kramer, LCSW-R

Jennie J. Kramer, LCSW-R

Jennie J. Kramer, LCSW-R is an author, lecturer, and psychotherapist in the metropolitan New York City area. Before pursuing her clinical career, she worked extensively as a management consultant for various sectors of the healthcare industry, developing expertise in fiscal management, compliance practices, and marketing, including media education (radio and television). She has continued to use these extensively in her many years of clinical and supervisory work in addictions, eating disorders, nutrition and integrative medicine, and group psychotherapy. Ms. Kramer is co-author of Overcoming Binge Eating for DUMMIES (2013), Wiley Pub., and has lectured at numerous conferences, including meetings on eating disorders for medical professionals at Columbia University Medical Center and Lenox Hill Hospital.  She was Director of two Renfrew Centers for Eating Disorders before becoming Founder and Executive Dir. of Metro Behavioral Health Associates in Scarsdale, N.Y.; its multidisciplinary treatment staff specializes in eating disorders, mood disorders, and addictions.

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Scarsdale, NY