Barbara Kapetanakes, PhD


Dr. Barbara Kapetanakes, PhD has worked for many years as a School Psychologist before obtaining post-doctoral credentials in Neuropsychology and in Psychopharmacology. In addition to her generic practice as a psychotherapist for adolescents and adults, she specializes in providing full neuropsychological assessments of learning problems including attention deficits, autistic spectrum disorders, disabilities following traumatic brain injury, stroke, surgery, and dementia. In her overall practice, Dr. Kapetanakes specializes in treating ‘tweens, adolescents, and young adults, with a particular interest in helping them with the additional “life-forces” that are particularly challenging to, and may threaten to de-rail, their psychological development. These include being adopted, parental divorce (from a psychodynamic perspective, for adopted young people another abandonment), and ongoing medical and neurological vulnerabilities. Dr. Kapetanakes is well-known at both the local and state levels for her work on behalf of the NYS Psychological Association, including being a founding member of the state’s LGBTQ Task Force.

Dr. Kapetanakes is knowledgeable about procedures for obtaining insurance coverage for psychological testing and is prepared to provide parents assistance with this.

Westchester County:  Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591